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Do I really have to have a subject...

or can I not just be random.

Apparently my prom date (from 8 years ago) wants to catch back up with me. He's currently going through a divorce and has a kid. very weird.

tonight will be my first night serving the homeless. i'm really not sure what to expect. i'm supposed to go right over after work and then we start serving dinner @ 5:30 and it goes till 6:30 then clean up.

i'm already an emotional basket case because of mother nature. so i'm a little frightened about what might happen tonight. i try to be a bitch, but deep down i'm very tender hearted.

my brother-in-law ask my 19 month old niece this morning if she knew who was coming to visit and she said "boo?" and he was like "no, grannie" and she was like "boo?" at least i know she loves me :D

why does everyone assume that if i'm not happy and perky that i must be tired? if i'm not smiling they walk by my desk and say 'wake up'. I'm awake you moron. I'm just not happy.

New Lost tomorrow night :) and 100th episode of Smallville Thursday!

I'm sorta bummed that I won't be able to buy a new dress for the Valentine's dance (a charity event I'm working) all the other ladies that are working it are getting brand new dresses, but I just don't have $100 to fork out. I'll just use one of the old stand bys i've got collecting dust downstairs.
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