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was as boring as ever. went on a date with this guy. had chatted with him on the phone and met him in person but this was the first official date. here is a sample of our converstation:

my friend asked to borrow my motorcycle and i said no and he said but you let tommy borrow it. and i said only because i was riding franks bike along side of tommy. of course you saw where that got me. tommy and i were out riding and this cop passed us and i told tommy to ride ahead cause the cop was coming back but he would. so the cop went ahead to get that lady for doing 99 and then came back to get me. i tried turning off and stopping but that didn't work. he got me going 91. no way i was going that fast. so i told tommy to go ahead but he wouldn't and once the cop gave me a ticket he gave tommy a ticket for not having a motorcycle license. i didn't know that tommy didn't have his. so i called frank to come and get his bike. crystal answered and said 'this had better be important'. and i said sorry, i don't wanna know. put frank on. so then i said frank come get your bike and bring crystal to bring tommy back. so we had to sit in the cop car to frank and crystal finished up and got out there. then crystal said i can't believe you interrupted us. and i said could you take tommy back to the house? there was no way i was going 91.

several things wrong with this picture
1-i'm not at all interested in motorcycles
2-apparently he doesn't need to breath between words
3-i like to talk. me + guy who doesn't stop long enough to let me talk = not so much

but at least i got a free meal out of it right?
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