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Lifted from...

i really can't remember. but i didn't just make these up on my own.

You scored as Lana Lang. You are Lana Lang. While you constantly need to feel loved and accepted by those who surround you, you have a hard time trusting them fully. You believe that honest communication is the foundation of a good relationship.


Lana Lang


Lois Lane


Lex Luthor


Clark Kent


Chloe Sullivan


What Smallville Character Are You Most Like?
created with

My baby's daddy: Randy Orton

My husband. (the one I grow old with): Tom Welling

The hot pool boy (that I cheat on my husband with): Shelton Benjamin

My old boyfriend that I go for coffee with (and who makes all the other girls jealous): Ian Somerhalder

The boss I have a crush on: John Schneider

The dad at soccer practice that I flirt with: Vince Vaughn

International man of mystery (the man I travel with. and shag): Josh Holloway

The professor I did in college: Shawn Michaels

If you don't know someone on the list, chances are their a pro-wrestler and you're not someone I met in the Randy Orton community. I just wish I could have added "sex slave: John Cena" to the list.
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