bjcarlisle (bjcarlisle) wrote,

Going on 2 weeks...

Since I started seeing this guy and its getting fairly serious quickly. I met his parents and his daughter this weekend. I was very nervous but of course they loved me!!

Sadly enough a 2 week relationship is the longest one I've had in a while!! lol

I wasn't sure what to do about Valentine's day, but he's already asked me what kind of gold I wear (white or yellow) and said that all the ladies at his job that he's told are jealous and wish their husbands were that thoughtful.

So I went online today and ordered him a "Super Bowl Champion" Steelers t-shirt (he's a big steeler's fan). And I'm gonna go get him some chocolates just in case the shirt doesn't get here in time.

Thankfully my parents, sister, and brother-in-law are starting to come around. They aren't completely happy with the situation, but they realize that he's making me happy and treating me well and that's their #1 concern. Now if my friend that got on her holier than thou soap box would come around.
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